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Gap…After All These Years, You’ve Finally Come Back To Me.

At long last, the Gap has woken from its 20 year slumber. When the Gap started in 1969 they were all about blue jeans and great white T-shirts. I was weaned on the Gap in its glory years. After Levi’s 501s, they defined the blue jean culture that was in full flower in the age of Flower Children. In their simplicity and clarity, they just got it right. Cool. Easy. Part of the zeitgeist. Along the way, they lost their way and continued to flounder for years, casting about for “relevant designers,” re-designed logos and other silver bullets, all of which misfired. Now with “Back to Blue” Gap is finally doing what I’ve been preaching all along “Go back to doing what you do best – blue jeans and white shirts!” Looks like they’re taking their first step with core denim. I might just enter their upcoming contest myself and talk about what “Back to Blue” means to me, but I wonder now if anyone knows what a Flower Child is anymore…


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